Breaking the Famine Cycle - Update

K2 TASO's famine relief interventions are starting to show results.

ONION HARVEST- Mr and Mrs Chinkhumba happily posing after harvesting onions. Through K2 TASO, K2 Foundation provided fuel for their irrigation pump, fertilizer and pesticides/agro chemicals. The onion harvested is about one tonne. 

BREAKING THE FAMINE CYCLE: Mr. Chinkhumba posing in his half acre maize garden with successful irrigation results following support from K2 Foundation. He received maize seed, fertilizer, and fuel for his irrigation pump.

New K2TASO Clinic and Van

Recent photos of the newly completed K2TASO clinic in Kasungu district.

Palliative Care in Malawi

Our partner in providing palliative care in Malawi, Lucy Finch of Ndimoyo was featured in a recent BBC story. 

Malawi is one of the world's least developed countries with very primitive health care. In March 1998, nurse Lucy Finch had visited her native Malawi to care for her sister who was dying of Aids, when hearing a young man's agonising death made her decide to come back and set up Malawi's first and only hospice... Click link to read more

Irrigation programs for Chikanda and Chimbiya



K 2 TASO Director, Peter Minjale shakes hands with Chief Chimbiya (in Blue T-shirt) as the chairman of Chimbiya irrigation scheme receives the treadle pump from K2 TASO with support from K2 Foundation. During the ceremony the beneficiaries received three treadle pumps with five accessory pipes (50 meters/pipe). James Mataya (standing between the chief and Peter) who is K2 TASO project coordinator was also present.

The irrigation system is one aspect of K2 TASO's efforts to help rural villagers combat famine. In addition to irrigation systems K2 TASO has also distributed fertilizers, seeds, other agricultural inputs. During times of famine we also distribute emergency food to the most vulnerable members in our catchment area.

Secretariat construction update

Our new Secretariat and palliative care outpatient clinic is well under construction and should be completed Jan. – Feb. 2016.

Please see report following for photo update.

The front view of the building which will be the future reception area.

An interior view of the conference room and future kitchen in the back.

K2 Foundation directors return from Malawi

Three K2 Foundation directors have returned from their trip to Malawi. The 3 week visit was extremely productive and included project evaluations, visits to beneficiaries, meetings with stakeholders, networking with new partners, and planning for future projects. The picture below is from visiting one of our partners, the Nancholi Youth Organization in the Blantyre district.

Heavy rains hit Nancholi

Recent heavy rains have caused floods in Malawi. This is a video that our partner NGO, NAYO made to document the impact.

HIV treatment facility opens in Nancholi

K2 Foundation is pleased to announce the completion of the first HIV treatment clinic in Nancholi. The clinic will serve thousands of people living with HIV/AIDS and will be operated by staff from the Ministry of Health and volunteers from the Nancholi Youth Organization. 

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