Our Partners

K2 Foundation works in partnership with Malawian NGOs, hospitals, and government agencies to assess, plan, implement and evaluate projects. We also coordinate with other funding agencies to ensure efficient use of funds, transparency, and cooperation.

Nancholi Youth Organization (NAYO)

NAYO is a community based organization based in the Nancholi area in the Blantyre district of Southern Malawi. They have a strong team of local and international volunteers that help manage projects. NAYO focuses primarily on HIV/AIDS related issues, and runs home-based care, skills training for youth, sexual health education, and voluntary counselling and testing services. In addition NAYO provides access to health care for children under the age of 5 and education for youth. K2 Foundation has been partnering with NAYO since 2012.



K2-TASO is the Malawian branch of K2 Foundation. It is an NGO established by doctors from St. Andrews Hospital and K2 Foundation representatives in 2007. We work in the Kasungu District of Malawi to address rural health issues such as HIV and malaria.

Ministry of Health

K2 Foundation works with the Ministry of Health to ensure our projects align with their national health strategy. Facilities that are established by K2 Foundation are always staffed by the Ministry of Health. 

St. Andrew's Hospital

K2 Foundation and St. Andrew's Hospital have been partners since 2008. In 2009 we established an Anti Retroviral (ARV) Clinic which has since served thousands of Malawians who previously had to travel prohibitive distances to access quality HIV care. We also have a well established outreach program that has received numerous awards of excellence by the Ministry of Health.

Ndi moyo Palliative Care Centre

Ndi moyo palliative care centre was the first palliative care centre in Malawi providing pain management and spiritual care to terminally ill patients. Since opening its doors in 2007, Ndi moyo has helped thousands of individuals live a quality life and die with dignity. Though it is located in the Salima district, Ndimoyo receives patients from across Malawi. Ndi moyo also provides training opportunities for healthcare providers on palliative care. K2 Foundation directors have visited the projects operated by Ndo moyo and has started providing funding for administrative costs.

Bridges to Malawi

Bridges to Malawi is an American NGO founded by Dr. Brian Lisse who also sits on the board at K2 Foundation. Bridges to Malawi conducts annual medical missions to Malawi, donates medical equipment to hospitals, and conducts malaria prevention projects in rural communities. Their team consists of medical practitioners and students who are passionate about global health.

Vanier College - Malawi Nurse Exchange

The Malawi Nurse Exchange program at Vanier College in Montreal, Canada is an important partner to K2 Foundation, K2TASO and St. Andrew's Hospital as we implement many of our projects in partnership. Malawi Nurse Exchange has established a presence in the Kasungu District through their annual medical missions with nursing instructors and students. Nursing students gain clinical experience while contributing their knowledge and skills at local hospitals. Malawian nursing students also visit Montreal on an exchange. 

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