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One of the two K2-TASO van-ambulances.Jacqueline Minjale, clinician and anaesthesiologist, is one of the co-founders of K2-TASO N.G.O.Peter Minjale, clinician, and executive director of K2-TASO N.G.O., also helped found the Community based Organization that became K2-TASO, A national N.G.O. in Malawi.Dr. Brian Lisse, a K2 Foundation director, is also the head of “Bridges to Malawi”, a Boston based non-profit.People waited hours in the hot sun for the chance to see a clinical officer.
Capote, one of the wise elders of Makupo village, with Doug Miller.An estimated 700 people were seen and treated at this 1 day health camp.Beneficiaries waiting patiently to be seen.Hana looks after the kids, while mothers wait in line.We were part of a large mobile medical clinic at Makupo village.
Some of the Makupo moms and infants.Dr. Brian Lisse and Dr. Don Hangen confer.
Nancholi Youth Organization
In 2014 we built this magnificent new clinic at Nancholi, Blantyre district, MalawiHealth Partners International Canada, provide us drugs that we carry with us to our colleagues in Malawi.One of 2 new Yamaha motorcycles procured for N.A.Y.O. to tackle the steep hills to the remote villages.Village Chiefs gather in front of the new clinic...the woman Chief in the centre donated the land for the clinic.George Nedi, is the other founder of N.A.Y.O.. He has just completed a degree in Community Development                                  and holds advanced diplomas in Public Health and Nutrition.
Moses Mageza is one of the founders of our partner organization, the Nancholi Youth Organization ( N.A.Y.O. )Chrispine is our newest field officer.Tamanda, another of our field officers.Field officer, Tamanda on left, and a N.A.Y.O. volunteer on a client visit in a village.One of the anti-retroviral drugs which allow people with HIV to lead normal lives.
Tamanda and one of her beneficiary clients.Through N.A.Y.O., we distribute pigs through our “Pig Pass-On” program.
Ndi Moyo Palliative Care Centre
Ndi Moyo Palliative Care is the only ‘stand-alone’ palliative care centre in Malawi.It is located in a quiet garden setting in Salima, central Malawi.Lucy Kishindo Finch is the founder of Ndi Moyo.  Lucy is a nurse and combines the use of drugs with plant based natural therapies.Tony Finch, Lucy’s husband, is a retired forester, and is very active in Ndi Moyo.In the pharmacy at Ndi Moyo.
In the herb garden.The principals of three of our partner projects:  left to right – Jacqueline Minjale of K2-TASO, Lucy Finch of Ndi Moyo, George Nedi, of N.A.Y.O..Attending a staff meeting and prayers at Ndi Moyo – Daniel, Hana, Lucy, Bert

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