• Location: Kasungu district, Malawi
  • Years Active: 2009 - Present


  • Established a brand new HIV testing & treatment facility in 2009
  • Established a new Palliative Care Centre in 2016
  • Awarded multiple Certificates of Excellence by the Ministry of Health


K2 Foundation and the Malawian NGO K2-TASO work collaboratively to provide high quality HIV testing, treatment and prevention services to rural community members in the Kasungu District. Our catchment area includes 120,000 people with a 12.6% HIV rate according to the Ministry of Health. 

K2 TASO was a small community based organization founded by the K2 Foundation founder Bert Clark and Malawian physicians Peter and Jacqueline Minjale. Today the organization has grown into a reputable, award winning Malawian NGO.

Services provided through K2 TASO include education, stigma reduction, testing and counselling, provision and distribution of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART), group therapy, clinical treatment, nutritional and agricultural support,  hygiene support, and in some cases residual spraying programs for Malaria prevention.  

These activities are supported by 60 home base caregivers, and HIV testing counsellors which K2 Foundation has trained. We also work in close partnership with the Malawi Nurse Exchange Program from Vanier College, and a US NGO Bridges to Malawi.

One of the two K2-TASO van-ambulances.Jacqueline Minjale, clinician and anaesthesiologist, is one of the co-founders of K2-TASO N.G.O.Peter Minjale, clinician, and executive director of K2-TASO N.G.O., also helped found the Community based Organization that became K2-TASO, A national N.G.O. in Malawi.Dr. Brian Lisse, a K2 Foundation director, is also the head of “Bridges to Malawi”, a Boston based non-profit.People waited hours in the hot sun for the chance to see a clinical officer.
Capote, one of the wise elders of Makupo village, with Doug Miller.An estimated 700 people were seen and treated at this 1 day health camp.Beneficiaries waiting patiently to be seen.Hana looks after the kids, while mothers wait in line.We were part of a large mobile medical clinic at Makupo village.
Some of the Makupo moms and infants.Dr. Brian Lisse and Dr. Don Hangen confer.


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