Ndi Moyo Palliative Care


  • Location: Salima District
  • Years Active: Since 2015


  • New partnership formed with Ndi moyo palliative care centre

K2 Foundation is helping to expand the availability of palliative care services in Malawi, through Ndi moyo palliative care centre. Ndo moyo has been active in Malawi since 2007 and has provided palliative care services to patients and training for health care providers. Ndi moyo provides holistic care which includes, nutrition support, pain management, legal advice, transportation services to hospitals, outreach, home visits, spiritual care and education. They are a strong advocate for palliative care in Malawi, and are well respected by the community at large.

K2 Foundation is supporting Ndi moyo palliative care centre by providing administrative funds so they can concentrate on implementing their services. Please visit the Ndi moyo website for further information. 

Ndi Moyo Palliative Care is the only ‘stand-alone’ palliative care centre in Malawi.It is located in a quiet garden setting in Salima, central Malawi.Lucy Kishindo Finch is the founder of Ndi Moyo.  Lucy is a nurse and combines the use of drugs with plant based natural therapies.Tony Finch, Lucy’s husband, is a retired forester, and is very active in Ndi Moyo.In the pharmacy at Ndi Moyo.
In the herb garden.The principals of three of our partner projects:  left to right – Jacqueline Minjale of K2-TASO, Lucy Finch of Ndi Moyo, George Nedi, of N.A.Y.O..Attending a staff meeting and prayers at Ndi Moyo – Daniel, Hana, Lucy, Bert

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(604) 444-4332