Nancholi Youth Organization


  • Location: Nancholi, Blantyre District, Malawi
  • Years Active: 2012 - Present


  • Doubled the number of patients on HAART from 711 in 2014 to over 1500 in 2016
  • Over 5000 outpatients accessing healthcare through our clinic in 2016
  • Over 400 individuals and their families assisted during the famine in 2016

Stepping Stone for the Disadvantaged Project 

K2 Foundation works in partnership with the Nancholi Youth Organization (NAYO), the District Environmental Health Officer and the Ministry of Health to provide high quality HIV prevention and treatment services in the Nancholi area in Malawi. Our catchment area includes 22 villages with a total population for 32,000 people. We have a team of 175 Malawian volunteers and 90 foreign volunteers who help with our outreach efforts. K2 Foundation and NAYO has recently completed the construction of an HIV treatment facility, the first of its kind, in the area. It is scheduled to open to the public in January 2015.


To expand the availability of HIV/AIDS and TB prevention services, counseling and testing, procurement of ART drugs to rural community members through outreach programs. 

To provide agricultural supplies to families living with HIV. 

To improve access to education by supporting orphans and vulnerable children with school supplies and fees. 

To strengthen post-test clubs, outreach campaigns, support groups and linkages with the health care system to increase referrals for treatment. 

To develop the infrastructure to support high quality HIV testing and treatment.

In 2014 we built this magnificent new clinic at Nancholi, Blantyre district, MalawiHealth Partners International Canada, provide us drugs that we carry with us to our colleagues in Malawi.One of 2 new Yamaha motorcycles procured for N.A.Y.O. to tackle the steep hills to the remote villages.Village Chiefs gather in front of the new clinic...the woman Chief in the centre donated the land for the clinic.George Nedi, is the other founder of N.A.Y.O.. He has just completed a degree in Community Development                                  and holds advanced diplomas in Public Health and Nutrition.
Moses Mageza is one of the founders of our partner organization, the Nancholi Youth Organization ( N.A.Y.O. )Chrispine is our newest field officer.Tamanda, another of our field officers.Field officer, Tamanda on left, and a N.A.Y.O. volunteer on a client visit in a village.One of the anti-retroviral drugs which allow people with HIV to lead normal lives.
Tamanda and one of her beneficiary clients.Through N.A.Y.O., we distribute pigs through our “Pig Pass-On” program.

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